Human Cell Signals is from Tampere Finland . We are a duo and a trio. Duo features Noora Laiho with finnish kantele/ Electroacoustic kantele and Harri Topi on cello/electric cello  and in trio with Tomi Hyttinen on drums. Our debut album Signaling Pathways was made as a duo but we play that material both as a duo and a trio. We play our own music from the record, but our repertuar contains also our own versions of classic Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple songs

We started our story by playing at a outside happening at Tampere called The weeks of light, we made our first song Let There Be Light to that happening and played it to a really big audience. We continued to make music and gigs. The use of loopers make us sound really big when we want to and then to the opposit we can go to a really intimate sound. We are constantly active in playing gigs, but highlights of our career have been the release of our debut record Signaling Pathways in 2020 released by Eclipse music record label and the record releasing gig at Glivelab Tampere. And our tour in Germany 2021 was also special, with 12 gigs around Germany. We have been nominated to be the Band of the year 2019 by Kanteleliitto



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